Unlock the potential in every young girl we mentor. We accomplish this by building their confidence and self-esteem and helping them to develop a positive perception of themselves so they can improve in their interpersonal relationships, excel in their academics, and make the best life decisions.

Company Overview:

We R Listening, Inc. e-mentors girls ages 13-22.  We R Listening, Inc. matches positive and supportive women (mentors) with girls who are in search of answers and guidance to questions about life.  We R Listening's mentors focus on personal development by incorporating a structured curriculum into the mentoring sessions while also providing friendship, love, support and advice with personal inquiries and challenges on topics such as school challenges, career guidance, relationship advice, financial matters, family issues, education, current events, just to name a few.

The mentoring partnership impacts our mentees' life in a positive manner by guiding them through life challenges they may face and providing positive feedback that will make a difference in their lives.

Throughout the year, We R Listening also provides school supplies to low income schools and toiletries to homeless shelters that house young women and children.

"It takes a village to raise a family!" 










Give back to female teens and young women across the country.

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